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Bird Nesting Season

When Is The Bird Nesting Season?

Vegetation activities (tree or hedge cutting) or site clearance are recommended to be done outside of the ‘Bird Nesting Season,’ which is officially from February until August (Natural England). In actuality, though, the nesting time can begin earlier and can last longer than this. Generally speaking, the peak nesting season for birds is from the first of March until the last day of July.

As contractors, it is our responsibility to safeguard breeding birds from disturbance and to avoid any violations of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 or the European Habitats Directive of 1992.

A pre-works survey should be conducted by a competent individual before any tree or vegetation clearing work is done during the nesting season. It is our responsibility as contractors to evaluate, record, and validate that any work done in the management of trees and other vegetation has not disturbed actively nesting birds, as it is reasonable to believe that birds will be doing so.

When accessing and exiting the work site, further care and controls should be taken to prevent disturbing or damaging a nesting site, as ground vegetation and the birds that use it are sometimes neglected by tree workers. Even if trees are retained on the property, the danger of having an established nest destroyed by the removal of neighbouring trees or corrective work on a tree should be taken into account. This is also a possible criminal offence because it is contrary to the law.

We’ve found that the vast majority of our customers are understanding if we need to delay some projects till after the nesting period is over.

On larger-scale developments, the main customer should be familiar with the requirements of the legislation and, as a result, be more than sympathetic and support you as a contractor to not breach the legislation. If this is not the case, perhaps the client’s qualifications need to be re-evaluated.



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