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What Is Stump Grinding?

What Is Stump Grinding?

After a tree has been cut down, the stump must be ground down in order to complete the removal process. A tree cannot be cut down to the ground without leaving a stump. Left unattended, stumps can take years to naturally decompose and can spread diseases to nearby trees. While that happens, it will look bad and potentially cause accidents. When left unattended, stumps can send up unsightly suckers for a long period of time, eventually growing into an unattractive, rapidly spreading bush.

A large machine equipped with a circular saw that spins at high speed reduces the stump to sawdust and wood chips by ripping the wood apart from below ground.

The loose chips produced by stump grinding can either be disposed of by the workers or recycled into a useful green mulch for the gardens. You can backfill the hole with new soil and plant grass or sod there. When the chips are done, they can be thrown back into the opening to deteriorate over time. The stump will rot away much more rapidly and completely than if it were left intact.

Once the stump is gone, the roots that reached as far as the tree’s canopy before it was cut down will rot away much more rapidly.

A homeowner can hire and operate the stump grinder themselves, but there are many factors to think about first.

You should think about:

  • The cost of renting an appropriate stump grinder
  • The cost of providing basic personal safety equipment, such as a hard hat, steel-toed boots, and protective gloves.
  • Appropriate transportation for a very heavy piece of equipment.
  • Stump grinders are both heavy and unwieldy, so make sure you have the strength to load and unload it, manoeuvre it into position, and control it while the powerful motor is running.
  • The machine requires gasoline to run.
  • Proper equipment to keep flying chips and debris out of the surrounding area.

There is also the risk of hidden hazards such as bricks, stones, and discarded metal objects near or under the stump causing damage to the machine, which will have to be paid for.

A professional tree surgeon will have access to a wide variety of stump grinders and stump removal machines and the expertise to use them effectively.

When hiring a professional tree surgeon, homeowners may rest assured knowing that they are protected by a plethora of insurance policies.

Stump removal by a professional tree surgeon using the proper equipment takes little time and is surprisingly inexpensive. Most stump removal is quick, and even large stumps are usually removed in a matter of hours.

When we remove a tree, we always offer stump removal services, including explaining the benefits of having your stump professionally removed and describing the benefits of tree-stump mulch for your garden.

If you live in the North West and require a stump removal service, please call us or request a free quotation – we will be delighted to hear from you and assist you further.



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