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What Do Tree Surgeons Do With the Timber and Brushwood?

What Do Tree Surgeons Do With the Timber and Brushwood?

It is more important than ever to dispose of waste wood in an environmentally friendly manner. Let us handle it for you.

You’ll be surprised at how much waste wood is generated when you have work done on your trees or hedges. Every year, the UK generates approximately 5 million tonnes of waste wood, two-thirds of which is low quality offcuts that cannot be effectively re-used.

Getting rid of this waste in an environmentally responsible manner is critical for combating climate change, but it can be time consuming and costly. If you don’t want to contribute to the growing landfill problem, you’ll need to hire a professional to properly dispose of your waste.

The Tree Surgery Org will not only remove all waste wood generated by our work, but we will also ensure that the wood is used in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. We’ll explain what we do with your waste wood in greater detail in this guide. Do you want to learn more? Please contact us and we will walk you through our environmental commitments.

What can be done with different types of waste wood?

First, let’s go over the various types of waste wood produced by various tree and hedge works. These are referred to collectively as arisings.

  • Brushwood is defined as small branches and other smaller pieces of debris left over from tree surgery. This could come from trees or hedges. For example, when we perform crown thinning or crown reductions, we can expect a large amount of brushwood to be produced
  • Timber refers to larger pieces of wood, such as that produced by tree felling or the removal of larger branches from a tree. Removing an entire tree naturally produces a large amount of timber.

Many people are unaware that arisings cannot be disposed of in a standard garden waste bin. If you were to do your own tree or hedge work, you would have to either dispose of the offcuts yourself by taking them to the tip or hire a specialist wood recycling company to do it for you. There is no guarantee that the wood will be disposed of responsibly in either of these cases. While good quality wood can be reused in a variety of ways, most arisings are of poor quality and may be discarded.

Whatever the job, and whatever the results are, our tree surgeons will always keep your garden or site clear of debris and responsibly dispose of all brushwood and timber at the end of the job. We recognise that environmentally responsible business practises are more important than ever, and we are dedicated to doing our part to combat climate change.

Wood chippings can be made from both brushwood and timber. We process brushwood on-site into wood chippings before transporting it away for further use. We remove the timber in its entirety, transporting it to another location to be converted into wood chippings.

What do tree surgeons do with wood chippings?

Wood chips can be extremely useful. They can be used as paths, animal bedding, or composted into mulch to help your garden. However, there is a growing industry dedicated to converting wood chips into biomass for use in power generation. According to the Wood Recyclers Association, this method uses 3.1 million tonnes of waste wood, producing enough energy to power one million UK households.

To effectively convert timber into wood chippings, special equipment is required. However, once chipped, it burns at a higher temperature than brushwood, making it even more effective as a power generation fuel source. Brushwood is easier to handle and can be chipped on-site before being transported to a biomass processing plant.

The Tree Surgery Org has the tools and expertise to handle and transport your waste wood. We have on-site brushwood chippers that will provide us with wood chippings that we can take to the biomass processing plant. When it comes to timber, we’ll transport it to a separate location to be chipped with specialised equipment before transporting it to the biomass processing plant.

We are committed to ensuring that all waste wood is properly disposed of. Contact us today to learn how we can complete your project in an environmentally friendly manner.



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