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Professional Tree Service

Should I Hire Professional Tree Service Or Do It Myself?

Some homeowners are tempted to try their hand at DIY tree surgery.

This article will help you decide whether you should hire a tree surgeon or a tree service or do it yourself.

Trees that are overgrown or block light can be a nuisance to you or your neighbours. They can be structurally hazardous to nearby structures and depreciate your property. There’s a lot on the line.

Is tree surgery simple?

It doesn’t help that the Discovery and Outdoor channels on television are packed with lumber companies from Canada and Oregon showing us dramatic base cuts and trees falling in one piece. They make it look easy, and we forget that our semi-detached house isn’t isolated in the woods.

Trees that are hazardous. Is it a good idea to do your own tree surgery?

Consider the height of the tree and the location of the tree as a starting point. The taller the tree and the more confined the space, the more difficult and dangerous it will be to remove or manage it. Instead of watching TV, ask how much training, knowledge, and experience you have in tree surgery. If the answer is ‘very little,’ give yourself a pat on the back. Your candour may have just saved you and your family from a life of misery.

Professional tree removal vs. do-it-yourself tree removal

A professional tree surgeon brings arboriculture (tree) knowledge, as well as the necessary tools and experience, to your job. It is how tree surgeons obtain insurance.

They comprehend:

  • The physics of tree surgery and tree felling: even the most innocent-looking tree in your garden has massive forces of energy stored up under tension and compression. A bad cut in the wrong place can unleash those forces like a catapult on people or things in the way.
  • Tree surgery training includes learning where and how to use leverage.
  • Tree surgeons train for gravity and tree felling: how things fall, how they lean, where they could fall, and the potential for damage (and are insured to know about).
  • Wind’s effects on tree surgery: A gust of wind can quickly change everything for the worse – professional tree surgeons plan for this – it’s unlikely to have been considered as part of a DIY tree surgery project.
  • Tree removal in stages: It’s not like turning on the television. Tree felling in urban areas, surrounded by houses, roads, electricity cables, and phone lines, is never accomplished with a single cut and a shout of ‘timberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Professional urban tree felling is typically done in sections, working from the top down. For this job, you must be a certified climber. A crane may even be required for support and removal.
  • Tree removal and the law: A qualified, insured professional tree service will advise you on what is and isn’t legal in your garden and on your street. It is always preferable to find out first.

So, should I hire a professional tree service or do it myself? There is a two-part answer:

If you have the necessary knowledge, equipment, and experience, and it’s a small tree in a safe location, the cost of DIY could be much lower.

If it’s for anything other than minor work, we agree with the Royal Horticultural Society on this – do yourself a favour and seek professional assistance.

If, after honestly assessing your own skills, experience, and equipment, you believe that getting a quote from a professional tree surgeon is the best course of action, you can do so here.



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