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Trees Property Values

Do Trees Increase Property Values?

The appearance of a house is enhanced by trees. The addition of trees to a property’s landscaping can enhance its value by as much as 20 percent. This is because homebuyers appreciate the health benefits of tree-filled neighbourhoods, including reduced stress and blood pressure. Around trees, people tend to relax.

When there are rows upon rows of identical homes on a street or in a housing estate, yours becomes a commodity rather than a place to call home. Unique aspects of your property, such as trees that have been thoughtfully placed, shaped, and cared for, might pique the interest of purchasers. Trees are a natural means of concealment. If you’re in the market for a new home, it’s worth your time to look for one that already has some privacy from neighbouring buildings thanks to the presence of trees.

Container trees are a flexible and aesthetically pleasing option for increasing your home’s curb appeal if you lack mature trees that would otherwise attract purchasers.

The Hidden Benefits

Colourful trees brighten even the busiest streets and are especially valuable in congested cities like London, where they can reduce temperatures by 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. Trees improve the surrounding ecosystem while also reducing noise and air pollution. A wide variety of birds, insects, and tiny mammals rely on them for shelter, food, and safety. The sharp, often monochromatic edges of modern urban architecture are softened and diffused by trees, creating a more pleasant environment.

The value of trees extends beyond the front lawn. Privacy is especially valued in the backyard, where the family may unwind and host guests, and trees can help give even the tiniest yard a sense of order and purpose.

How trees could decrease the value of your home

Trees, no matter where they grow, require regular care, and a trained arborist may shape and prune trees to make them more suitable for the area in which they are situated. Overgrown trees and hedges not only cause problems in the garden, but can also lower your property value and lead to disagreements with your neighbours.

How you can benefit

Crown lifting maintains the natural form of the crown while increasing the distance between the ground and the lowest branches. This lets more light into the garden and frees up space underneath the tree.

When you trim back your hedges and prune your trees, you immediately notice a difference in the appearance of your property and the amount of clutter caused by dropping leaves and twigs and the wet spots that can develop under trees that don’t get enough sunlight.

Attractive tree size control is also possible through expert trimming, pruning, or pollarding.

If you need a tree removed because it is hazardous or has outgrown its location, a professional tree surgeon can help you with every step of the process and provide you recommendations for new trees, if you so want.

We offer tree removal services that could increase the value of your home and speed up the selling process.
All real estate professionals will tell you that the first impression a potential buyer gets of your home as they pull up in front of it is crucial.

The presence of attractive and well-maintained trees, as well as a leaf- and debris-free drive, contribute to a favourable first impression. If you hire a tree surgeon, they can turn your liability into an advantage.



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