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Rotting Tree Stump

7 Reasons Why You Should Remove A Rotting Tree Stump

Make sure your tree surgery quote includes stump removal as part of the agreed-upon works because dead tree stumps can cause issues in your garden.

Do you believe that a dead tree stump left in the ground after arboriculture work serves as a reminder of a job well done in the garden? It isn’t.

The problem is that a rotting tree stump left in the ground quickly takes on a life of its own and can cause a slew of serious problems at ground level that you weren’t expecting.

In this article, we discuss some of the risks of leaving tree stumps in the ground after tree removal.

Tree stumps are a hazard and insurance concern.

It doesn’t take much grass to disguise a tree stump as a potentially hazardous obstacle for pedestrians. There aren’t many advantages to leaving a stump in the ground, especially when you consider the potential for injuries ranging from scraped knees to broken bones and claims on public liability (duty of care) insurance.

Tree stumps can damage garden machinery

When a lawnmower blade hits a tree stump, there is usually only one survivor. As a result, thousands of lawnmowers are thrown away every year because their crankshafts were twisted.

Tree stumps make garden maintenance difficult

It costs more time and money to mow and weed your garden if you have to work around stumps that have been left in the ground.

For gardeners:

  • with a disability
  • older in age
  • new to gardening
  • when raising a family
  • when renting out property with a garden

Tree stumps can sprout new growth and deplete soil nutrients.

New shoots do not appear once and then disappear; they return, which can have an impact on garden aesthetics and soil health.

Nutrient leaching from your soil can rob your newly planted roses without your knowledge, and unplanned growth can simply ruin the view.

Property values and tree stump damage

Garden surveys are now a standard part of most home purchases and sales. A surveyor will look for signs of environmental damage caused by root systems in pipework, walls, and foundations.

Because tree stumps can cause so much damage before they run out of nutrients, stump removal is often the best option. If property value is an issue, think carefully.


Tree stumps take up valuable garden space that could be used for something different, such as:

  • a table for picnics
  • a new flower bed and a larger lawn

Few people have an abundance of garden space, so think carefully about how to maximise those valuable square feet.

Unwanted fungi and insects can make their homes in tree stumps.

The decaying, dead wood of tree stumps is the ideal breeding habitat for a variety of poisonous fungi and parasites. Honey Fungus (Armillaria) can spread its threads (rhizomorphs) and attack and kill the roots of surrounding perennial and woody plants when it gains a foothold.



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