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5 Tips For Effective Garden Clearance!

5 Tips For Effective Garden Clearance!

Our garden lawns have always been treasured by us Brits, and when asked what makes us unique, many foreigners mention our British accent, love of tea, and, of course, our fondness for gardens and lawns! – This is because gardens have historically played an important role in the lives of Britons for many generations. Gardening as we know it today did not become popular until the early twentieth century.

We now hire garden clearance help to freshen up our gardens so that we can continue to take pride in them. Garden clearance services include far more than just collecting twigs and leaves and mowing the lawn!

The condition of your garden can reveal a lot about you and has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your property. Continue reading to learn more about Garden clearance:


As is customary in the United Kingdom, the best time to clear your garden is in the spring. This is due to the fact that the weather is beginning to improve and we anticipate spending a lot of time in our gardens this summer. Spring is also the best time to plant new plants and replace those that have become damaged or decayed. You can also trim back overgrown branches and hedges at this time of year.

The Right Equipment

While most homeowners own a pair of pruning shears and a rake, their sheds are empty when it comes to more specific garden clearance equipment such as leaf blowers and chainsaws!

Trowels, spades, gloves, hedge clippers, watering cans, pruning secateurs, pruning saws, hedging shears, sieves, wheelbarrows… you name it, the professionals probably have it!

Readying Your Tools

Aside from having tools, you must also have them in good working order and ready to do the job for which they were designed. This includes sharpening blades and cleaning and oiling equipment ahead of time. A sharp tool significantly reduces unwanted breakages when cutting branches and hedges.


It is best to clear your garden in the morning or evening. At these times of day, the dirt is softer and colder, allowing you to work more efficiently. Early mornings and evenings are frequently less windy.

Tidying Up

After you’ve finished gardening, never leave your cut branches and leaves lying around the garden. Collect them all and either compost them or take them to the recycling centre. Larger branches can be dried and used as firewood in the winter to keep your house warm. When it comes to your tools, they should never be returned filthy and wet to the shed. Wipe them down with a dry cloth before storing them so they are in good condition the next time you need them. If you leave them damp, they will quickly corrode and the dales will blunt.

Even with the five tips listed above, you may find it easier to hire a professional garden clearance service. They have the specialised skills and experience to know exactly what needs to be done, and they can do it faster and more efficiently than you can, making them an excellent value. They also have all of the necessary tools and equipment, so there is no need to buy anything before starting the job.



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