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Tree Stump Grinding & Removal

Tree Stump Removal

The stump of a tree, whether it fell or was cut down on purpose, can be stubborn to eradicate. We can help with that.

After cutting down a tree or plant, the stump must also be removed. Stumps can decay from fungi or sucker to generate new plants if they are left in place. They can also bring in unwanted pests and illnesses like honey fungus, which can harm other trees on your property. We provide a specialist stump removal service, reducing the likelihood of rot or regrowth after removal.

Whether the property is a warehouse, a factory, a shopping mall, or a business park, we can remove the stump (on hard standing or soft surfaces). Our skilled crew can remove your stump no matter where it is placed, even if it is inconveniently close to buildings, structures, boundaries, a highway, or a body of water.

After years of experience, our skilled arborists have mastered the art of stump removal, and they are equipped to handle stumps of any size, whether that’s by mechanical or chemical means. This includes handling the decaying remnants of mature trees, some of which may have extensive root systems still alive and well beneath the surface.

We have a skilled crew that can come out to your property and get rid of any stump quickly and easily. We’ve been in this business for a while, and we’re experts at removing stumps from awkward or delicate spots.

Before we break ground on a project, we always check with the relevant utility companies to determine the precise placement of their subterranean services and receive a map of the surrounding area. The remaining trees will be cut off as low to the ground as practicable and loaded into the work van before the stump is removed.

Stump grinders, along with a full complement of chainsaws and other motorised removal tools, are among our professional equipment options. To guarantee superior output, we routinely upgrade to more advanced tools. Our unparalleled expertise in the field allows us to tailor the tools and removal strategies we use to each individual task. Our machinery is always operated by qualified personnel who have received extensive training and are up to date on all industry standards.

To safely and sustainably apply chemicals to remove stumps, our arboricultural staff are fully qualified under current legislation. The products we recommend, as well as the methods we use to apply and store them, adhere to COSHH guidelines and help meet Sustainable Use Directive targets for reducing chemical consumption.

Why Choose Us?

We can remove stumps all over the UK. Whether your redevelopment project is being hampered by obstructive tree stumps or your property is simply looking untidy, our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to assist. We will work hard to ensure that the designated area of land is completely stump-free and ready for reuse.

  • We are NHSS18 accredited and approved to work on highways in accordance with the Highway Agency’s requirements.
  • Our teams are qualified under the New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA)
  • Our experts are well-versed in Chapter 8 of the NRSWA, which governs the proper use of signage, lighting, and guarding for temporary road works.
  • For many years, we have been removing stumps for commercial and industrial clients.
  • Our teams are fully insured and follow strict operational safety guidelines.
  • Our technicians have NPTC certificates of competency in the use of pesticides such as PA1, PA6A, and PA6AA.
  • To achieve excellent results, we maintain an inventory of specialised machinery, tools, and vehicles on hand.

When it comes to contemporary arboriculture, we set the bar high. We are well-respected professionals in all facets of tree management, including but not limited to high-precision tree surgery, expert vegetation control, felling, and stump grinding. Our team has approximately 30 years of expertise in the industry and is well-prepared to fulfil all of your needs.

We treat trees with respect and always do a thorough job while also keeping safety and the environment in mind. With this approach, we are able to provide high-quality results without causing any undue harm to your property. We also pay close attention to ensuring adequate risk management is in place. We take precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and the public at large.

Established stumps and root systems can sprout new surface growth if left untreated. This frequently happens on the stump’s sides, giving it an unsightly appearance and increasing the need for ongoing maintenance work.

We utilised a variety of specialist techniques to treat your stumps and in order to prevent regrowth . This frequently includes mechanical and chemical treatments for stump removal. We also take full advantage of our industry experience to select the most appropriate methods in each situation, ensuring you don’t waste money on unnecessary, ongoing treatments.

We can remove stumps of any size, from small woody perennials to the remains of large, well-established trees. Our estimates are based on the plant species, the diameter of the stump, its height above ground, and the extent of any surface roots. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional service all at affordable prices.

Our teams have previously removed stumps from a wide range of plant species, which gives us a comprehensive understanding of the task at hand.

We can clear your property of clutter and tree stumps with equal efficiency. Parts of trees, roots, and other natural debris could fall into this category. All plant-based trash is recycled or repurposed into other materials, and we dispose of all other items in an environmentally responsible manner.

Appearances matter, and we get it. Thus, as part of our all-inclusive service, we will remove all debris from the location after we have removed the stump, leaving your property in pristine condition. Remains from the cutting procedure might be used to fill up the stump hole, or the debris could be hauled away from the site and recycled or disposed of in a proper landfill.

When we’re done removing a stump, we can replace the turf or hardscape with anything you like. The area can also be excavated and prepared for planting by our professionals if you need the room to introduce a new tree.

We may remove stumps whenever is convenient for you, ensuring that your business and any neighbouring residents are not disturbed for long. Removing the stump is best done soon after the tree has been cut down, but this is not required. In addition to providing landowners across the UK with an effective method for removing unsightly stumps, our staff will take all necessary safety measures to prevent injury and damage to nearby structures.

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