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Tree Felling & Removal

Tree Felling & Removal

We fell trees in a safe and controlled manner. In cases where felling isn’t viable, such as the potential of harm to property or the public, we perform a sectional dismantle, making proper use of lowering systems and climbing equipment.

Sectional Tree Felling

When space is at a premium, it’s often necessary to remove trees by cutting them into sections and hauling them away individually. This technique is used on trees that are medium to large in size and would cause damage to their surrounds if cut at the base. Precision and expertise are needed when felling tree sections to reduce the likelihood of injury or property damage. First, the arborists will cut and remove all of the more controllable branches using rigging techniques and equipment. In the case of larger ones, lowering ropes may be required before the final cut can be made. The trunk will be sectioned off into multiple pieces before being taken out individually. Only qualified tree service professionals should attempt this task. We may also assist in grinding up the remnants of the tree’s stump.

Straight Tree Felling

As a method of tree removal, straight tree felling is less common in densely populated areas like Manchester. Even so, this approach is used by arborists for medium and smaller sized trees (if the space around the tree allows it). The task requires methodical chopping of the tree at its base and removal. Tree surgeons employ ropes, slings, and wedges to guide the tree’s fall in the right direction, ensuring everyone’s safety. Take into account that we can convert the tree into firewood if desired, and then responsibly dispose of the wood in this manner.

Fallen Tree Removal

A downed tree is not just an eyesore, but also a potential fire hazard, structural risk, and source of pest infestation. To prevent further damage, a fallen tree should be cleared from a property as soon as feasible.

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