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Tree Crown Working

Tree Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction is the process of shaping the crown of a tree. Crown reduction is a common technique used in tree pruning today. This is where you cut the foliage from the tree’s outer edge into the crown, reducing the tree’s overall shape and size. When performing this type of reduction, all cuts should ideally be made to a bud or as close to a partnering limb as possible.

By doing so, you can ensure that the tree’s health has been preserved and that it will be less susceptible to limb death or disease. It reduces the weight of the tree and may prevent limbs from becoming dangerous and snapping in inclement weather. The tree should always be balanced when Crown Reducing.

We will let you know what we believe to be the optimal amount of trimming to accomplish your goals (both aesthetically and structurally) for your particular tree species. We collaborate frequently with the municipal government and always adhere to their regulations. We are able to carry out any essential work on your tree in accordance with any Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or Conservation Area reduction standards. Moreover, if you need tree work done but haven’t yet applied for the permits required by your local authority, we can arrange that for you, too. All we need is a picture or two (or ideally a short video), together with a detailed description of the project, and we’ll be good to go.

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