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The English proverb that “hedges are the stitching in the patchwork quilt of the English countryside” is still applicable today. Hedgerows are an integral component of the British landscape, and they play a crucial role as a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. Hedgerows provide refuge for approximately 125 of our most endangered species and are a true haven for wildlife.

An astounding 2,070 species can be found within an 85-meter stretch of Devon hedgerow! In addition to providing a habitat for endangered insectivorous birds and native bees, these plants control dust, reduce noise pollution, and prevent soil erosion. Around 70% of the United Kingdom is comprised of agricultural land, and hedges serve as the perimeters of this diverse habitat structure. Hedgerows are extremely useful in residential areas for delineating property lines, obstructing unsightly views, providing privacy screening, and acting as windbreaks.

So, what is the difference between a hedge and a hedgerow? – A hedge consists of closely spaced rows of a single plant species, whereas a hedgerow is a broad bed of a variety of trees and shrubs.

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